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What does it cost to furnish a room?

The most common question I get asked by potential clients is what will it cost?

This question can sometimes be hard to answer, because until the design is done, we just don't know! No two projects are alike, and there are many factors that go into it such as the size and configuration of the room, if we are keeping existing furniture, the style and type of window treatments, are we doing custom vs. running line upholstery, do you want a handwoven silk rug or a machine-loomed polyester rug, what size artwork is best for the room, etc. The options are endless, but what I do know, based on experience, is a range of low, mid, to high that can be used as an investment range for a project.

The price range can be vast when sourcing furnishings for a space, because it really depends on the design selections. Even when I give a range for a space, I tell clients to keep an open mind because Interior Design is a creative process. When you hire an interior designer, you are hiring them to solve a problem and provide you with the best design for your space. During the design process, I may come up with the best possible solution for your space but it wasn't something we talked about in the initial consultations. If my client doesn't keep an open mind about exploring the possiblity of that solution, even though it may cost more, I am not serving in their best interest if I don't share this amazing idea with them! At the end of the day, my focus is on results, I focus on maximum impact.

Before you get floored by the prices below, please also keep in mind the quality of furnishings you will get when you work with a professional interior designer. Interior Designers do not typically source from retail stores (unless we are doing virtual design). We will not be purchasing subpar generic furniture from Wayfair, Rooms to Go or Overstock , instead we source from manufacturers who produce quality furniture that will last. We purchase from wholesale furniture manufacturers, but the price points are similar to retail stores such as Pottery Barn, Arhaus, and Crate and Barrel.

The furnishings for your home are an investment, and rather than purchase a subpar living room set that you will need to replace in five years, we recommend purchasing a quality set that will last well past ten years, for example if you invest in a quality sofa, it can last a lifetime and you can have it reupholstered!

Got all that? Okay, let's talk numbers

A few very important things to note...

Almost every client we work with tends to go over what they think they will spend on their furnishings , therefore we purposefully set the average spend at a higher price.

An investment range provides an average price point, as some items selected may end up costing less, we may find ways to save money, some items may end up costing more, and we may need to include items that are not in this investment guide (such as that window seat cushion you've been dreaming of).

Keep in mind, we focus on luxury furnishings. Luxury doesn't mean the most high-end expensive pieces money can buy, luxury means durabiliy, quality, and aesthetic that suits our design approach at Slate Studios. Working with another designer may have variations in investment levels.

This is a furnishings budget. Furnishings refer to furniture, lighting, artwork, rugs, window treatments, and styling accessories. Furnishings do not include paint, wallpaper, molding/trim, countertops, cabinetry, flooring, stone work, or construction. An easy way to think of this is that anything that is not permanetly attached to the home is a furnishing.

Although the construction related items are not included in the furnishings investment ranges, they will be worked into the plan before presenting a final cost, after the design is complete.

Our professional design fees are not included in the furnishings budget.

We do include freight, warehousing, white-glove delivery and furnishings installation in our range but these are estimates only and can vary greatly from project to project. Also, freight costs, warehousing, and delivery costs are fluxating constantly, and depend on the manufacturer and where the items are shipping from.

What furnishings are included in the investment ranges listed above?

What do you think?

Are the investments higher than you expected or lower? Chances are, if you haven't replaced furnishings in many years, or have never purchased an entire rooms worth of furnishings at one time, you may be suprised at the investment. However, our goal is to provide a design that will last, something you will love for the next 10-15 years without having to replace items as frequently as you may have without having an expert on your team.

Keep in mind, these are investment ranges that allow us to achieve maximum impact for our clients. Furnishing your home is an investment in yourself and your family, and we take that very seriously. We also recommend to clients who may not be ready to make that large of an investment to save up instead of skimping on quality, as you will not be satisfied with the outcome and it may cost you more money in the long run than doing it right the first time!

If you are thinking of working with an interior designer but the investment ranges are not within your budget, there are ways to reduce the cost and still have quality. If you are close to these ranges, we can always adjust thinking such as buying consignment or vintage pieces, value engineering some items, or finding an alternate style of window treatments at a better price point. We never want to scare anyone off from hiring a designer, as it will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

Don't believe us, ask our existing clients. We leave them saying "where has Slate Studios been all my life?!"

While we can put a price on furnishings, you can't put a price on the following:

Having a well-designed space that nurtures your soul
Having furnishings that will weather the test of time, pets, and kids
A space that aligns with your lifestyle goals, and encourages them (home gym anyone...)
Physical and mental wellbeing impacted by your environment
A home that provides a sanctuary for you and your family
An office that inspires productivity, focus, and energy
Feeling proud to invite friends and family over
Having a custom designed space that is a natural extension of you
Having a space that the WHOLE family wants to hang out together in (teenagers too!)
Coming home to the most luxurious and comfortable bed (better than hilton)

You are your most important investment in life, and investing in your home is investing in

Ready to get started with your design project?

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