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About Katie Walker | Slate STudios, NCIDQ Interior Designer

Hi there! I'm Katie.

I am excited to share my authentic story with you so you can see how my evolution transformed into Slate Studios and my passion for what I do.

about katie

Designing homes is deeply personal, and I learn so much about my clients, their past, their present, and future. Life is about evolving. The experiences we have, our passions, and our goals shape us, and as we evolve our homes are meant to evolve with us.

xo Katie


I was born with a creative spirit.

Since spackling walls with my dad, designing my childhood bedroom, and a love for decorating for holidays and entertaining, I've always loved making spaces beautiful.


Because of this, design is deeply personal to me. Every selection I make for a space is intentional, and I want to create my absolute best work for each client.
Slate Studios interior design project | full service master bedroom | sophisticated neutral space

How Interior design has evolved in my life.

my origin story for slate studios

The art of interior design & creating beautiful spaces has always been with me. 

Katie Walker Owner of Slate Studios

my backstory 

Since my dad was a contractor, we'd do projects together, rearranging furniture, painting walls, and uncovering treasures or antiques to mix throughout our décor. I've always had a passion for mixing vintage items.

my history

Old photograph of katies mom
Photograph of baby katie on mother's lap
Photos of the four members of the Beetles
Rolling stones vinyl album cover

I loved hearing stories from my parents about their childhood,

treasures & music

and uncovering my Mom's teenage photos and music albums was a moment I will never forget. From a young age I uncovered treasures and put them on display in our home.

Little did I know that was the start of being able to design spaces that are authentic to the people who live there.

Vinyl record and album cover
After my father passed away when I was fifteen, we moved from sunny Naples, FL to cloudy Pittsburgh, PA.


It was culture shock, but looking back this was the evolution I needed to shape my entrepreneurial spirit. 

Vintage postcard
Vintage postcard tampa floida
Vintage postcard

I studied Interior Design in college.

During my final semester, I landed my dream internship at a Hospitality Design Firm. This was 2012, just as the economy started to pick up after the 2008 recession.


Commercial interior design seemed the safer path to take
as the residential industry was still slow.

Photograph of women standing in front of a construction site
Photograph of young women katie smiling, holding paperwork at a job site working

My internship turned into a full-time position which turned into a decade career working with the same firm.

college + interning

The company was a smaller family-run firm, and I am blessed to have been an integral part of the team.  Not only was I able to work with top Hotel Brands and personally design and project manage over one hundred new construction and renovation hotel projects across the country.

I also was creating processes, recruiting and training employees, and learning everything I could about running a business. 

Slate Studios interior design project | full service master bedroom | sophisticated neutral space

I personally designed + managed over 100 

new construction + renovation projects across the country

During my last few years with the firm, I relocated from Pittsburgh to Tampa, and promoted to Territory Sales Manager for the whole state of Florida.

moving again

At first, I loved it, but soon the novelty wore off for me. I was no longer
designing anymore and I was on the road travelling constantly...

Photo of double-story buildings
Florida Vintage Postcard Tampa
Postcard from Pitsburgh
Florida Vintage Postcard Tampa
As I continued to spend time away from home...
I'd look forward to being in my own space, my home that I designed. While away, I'd crave the sense of nourishment and joy that my authentic space brought me.


 Like so many people, 2020 brought big changes to my life, and this new evolution of myself showed how important home is. I recognized that I needed to get back to my roots and my passion, interior design. 

Playful photo of dad carrying son on his back
Photo of a man and women standing on the rocks at the ocean shore, embracing each other

In July of 2020 I met the love of my life and became a bonus Mom.

new slate studios

My fiancé, a fiercely determined air force veteran, provide me the support I needed to make the leap into entrepreneurship and launch Slate Studios.

These experiences have all shaped my life and my passion for designing authentic spaces for my clients.


My Why

A glimpse of my life. What inspires and motivates me.