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Fashion Inspired

Mid-Century Glam


project Type:  home renovation

location:  seminole heights, tampa, fl

project scope:  virtual interior design

vendors:  arhaus, jonathan adler

collaborators:  local fireplace fabricator

Overall, the space now has a perfect blend of contemporary meets vintage. The home features unique items that tell the story of Amy's rich personality, her love of fashion and passion for color and pattern are sprinkled throughout the space


living room

Slate Studios Luxury Modern Interior Design Studio Services  living room project modern eclectic


Since Amy is a portrait photographer, we framed and matted some of her original photographs and mixed them with a few recognizable idols. This created a gallery wall you can’t look away from.

Amy Reed

is a portrait photographer. She specializes in black and white editorial photography and has a passion for all things fashion and jewelry.


Like all my clients, Amy desperately wanted a place to come home to that reflected her unique style, personality and creativity.

the client

office area


The desk area features a variety of textures, glossy walnut and acrylic resin contrast against flat matte walls. A dream purchase for Amy is her genuine Eames brand lounger in a sumptuous white leather.

mood board


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Amy has a passion for vintage items, and she especially loves Mid-century Modern and Bauhaus aesthetic.


She has a daring wardrobe featuring patterns, mixed materials, and unique items. The interior selections we made for the space were inspired by Amy's fashion style.


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The deep colored walls of the bedroom provide a cozy retreat, and when the window curtains are drawn, this space serves as a haven from the outside world, offering a pace to rest and recharge.

the direction

Without being so literal about a particular design style, we instead drew inspiration from many. For example, as a homage to Mid-century, the design features splashes of bright colors from the 1950's with muted Earth tones from the 1960's.

her vibe

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Mid-century Modern


The design has a mix of organic and synthetic materials, creating a striking juxtaposition. 

Copper, metallics, dramatic light fixtures, velvet, brass, and bold patterns all provide personality and a little glam to the design.

the look


Slate Studios Interior Design Mid Glam Kitchen render project


Amy tends to order takeout more often then she would like to admit. Her kitchen is more focused around entertaining. Instead of open shelves and cluttered counters, the cabinetry is sleek, simple, and tall doors keep everything hidden from view.




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The design presentation is our way to provide clients with everything they need to visualize our design ideas for their space. We provide virtual renderings, design drawings, and images of all selections so you can fall in love with the design with each turn of the page.

in conclusion

Overall, the space is a perfect blend of contemporary meets vintage. By featuring unique items that tell the story of Amy's personality and passions, we’ve created a space authentic to her.