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slate studios modern interior design

Contemporary Meets Classic

Family Hang Out


project Type:  upstairs attic renovation

location:  odessa, tampa, fl

project scope:  full service interior design

vendors:  arteriors, zia tile

collaborators: quality restorations and renovations, gerardo luna photography

When our client initially approached us, they were uncertain about their vision for the space. What they did know was that their rec room lacked character and failed to entice their family to spend time there. Armed with their desire for a multi-functional space, our mission was clear: create a rec room that would cater to everyone's interests while accommodating various activities and overnight guests.


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We thrive on design challenges, and when faced with an oddly shaped room full of nooks and crannies, we saw an opportunity for innovation. By strategically utilizing the room's layout, we masterfully crafted distinct zones that enhance both functionality and aesthetics. To amplify the drama of this unconventional space, we made a bold decision to envelop the walls and millwork in a rich, deep navy hue. This deliberate choice not only adds a touch of classic elegance, but also fosters a sense of unity among the various elements within the room.


entertainment zone

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The seamless integration of ceiling and wall colors creates an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for cinematic experiences. Among the many design elements in the space, our favorite has to be the drop dead gorgeous wall sconces. These exquisite lighting fixtures not only illuminate the area with a soft, mesmerizing glow but also serve as stunning design accents. The atmosphere we created ensures each move night is an extraordinary experience.

Jones family

Our clients, an energetic family with two teenagers, a doggie, and frequent out of town guests were in need of our help! Balancing work, school, friends, and sports keeps them on the go, leaving little time for family gatherings. But how could we create a space that would make everyone want to carve out time to hang? Considering this active family loves sports, game nights, movies, playing pool, and video games, we were up for the challenge.

the client

office area

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What was once an underutilized guest room has now been meticulously transformed into a distinguished office space befitting a CEO. This thoughtfully designed office features distinct areas that cater to different work-related activities. Whether you need a focused work area, a quiet space for phone calls, or a spot by the window to bring your laptop and enjoy the natural light, we have carefully considered every aspect to ensure maximum productivity and comfort.

mood board

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Contemporary Meets Classic Family

hang out

By carefully curating each element with our client's unique needs in mind, we achieved a remarkable fusion of contemporary and classic design.

The result? A seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics that captivates the entire family. Even the teenagers, often difficult to impress, now find themselves drawn to this inviting space. It's the best compliment we could receive.


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To create the perfect space for billiards enthusiasts to showcase their skills, we drew the attention to the fifth wall, the ceiling! The craftsmanship of the tongue and groove ceiling with wood beams are a defining architectural element of the space, adding distinction and character. 

the direction

The rest of the home has the charm of European farmhouse aesthetics, therefore we wanted to draw inspiration from that but also create a contemporary space of it’s own. Rich pigmented colors like navy, cognac and walnut add warmth, complementing the existing wood flooring. Durable finishes and furniture ensure it's perfect for entertaining and family use.

the vibe

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Entertainment & Hosting


Entertaining and hosting spaces are the heart and soul of a vibrant home. They serve as the backdrop for creating unforgettable memories with friends and family. Thoughtfully designed spaces can set the perfect ambiance, whether it's for special occasions, holidays, or making a regular weeknight extraordinary.

the look

the bar

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No entertainment area is complete without a bar. We curated it to cater to every occasion. Like cozy movie night with family-friendly snacks and beverages or hosting a lively party with top-shelf liquor and celebratory libations. The playful cement tile backsplash, featuring a star and cross pattern, adds a touch of whimsy and creativity to the space. Which beautifully contrasts with the regal walnut butcher block counters, creating a visually striking composition that exudes style.

Snack bar

While a fully stocked bar might not be suitable for teenagers, a simple switch from liquor to movie theater treats and "concessions" can transform it into the ultimate movie night experience.

all ages

window nook

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The carefully crafted window nook becomes a focal point of the room, offering a delightful escape for both hosting and personal enjoyment. Not only is this queen-size bed perfect for overnight guests, but this area is also perfect for relaxing. Whether you're curling up with a captivating book or indulging in some leisurely phone scrolling, this area is perfect to unwind and recharge.