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  • Katherine Walker

Behind the Designer: Top 9 of Katie's Favorite Things

Take a peek at my must-haves for your authentic home. Let's update and refresh a few things for some luxe vibes.

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Katie Walker | Owner + Principle of Slate Studios

I'm always finding myself getting inspired.

Whether it's from my travels or from sourcing for a client. I wanted to take a few minutes to share my current faves I am absolutely crushing on. Some are design chic related, some are cozy home related and some are just for fun! It's good to feed your soul with self-care of beautiful things, rockin' music, creamy lotions - you name it! I'll share mine below.


1. Creamy Alabaster.

There is nothing like natural stone to add an organic element to help ground your space to nature. Alabaster is a gorgeous translucent stone, and like other natural stones, every piece is unique. The uniqueness of this stone adds to its beauty, as each piece is a work of art in itself. I love to use alabaster in my décor. It makes gorgeous light fixtures and accessories such as décor and candle holders. Check out some of my favorite pieces to incorporate into your home.


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2. Cocktail Tables.

A quick easy way to update your space is to get a new cocktail table. Typically, the cocktail table is in the center of the living room. It gets a lot of use, and you will look at that thing every single day. A common mistake I see all the time is that people have a table that is not proportional to the rest of the furniture. When it comes to a cocktail table, bigger is usually better. I love doing something unusual for a cocktail table, such as grouping smaller side tables together or mixing a table with an ottoman. This can also help to fill the space. Here are some tables I am currently crushing on.


Photo of woman holding a tube of Farmhouse Fresh lotion

3. Farmhouse Fresh lotion.

Life is all about the little luxuries, and to me, there is nothing better than pampering myself with a luxurious lotion. Farmhouse Fresh not only has incredible natural and organic products but it’s also a good cause! They use profits from the purchases to fund, rescue, and rehabilitate abused animals.

I first discovered Farmhouse Fresh being pampered at the Don Cesar Spa in St Peter. Ever since that experience, I was hooked. Their lotion is so moisturizing, it’s literally a treat for your skin, it has a velvety texture that makes me instantly happy. Pink Moon is one of my absolute favorite scents of theirs. The scent is soft, feminine, and soothing.


4. Rockin' Albums.

Music is a tremendous source of inspiration for me. Growing up, my dad always had music playing. I grew up with it all: classic rock, blues, oldies, and country. Does anyone else remember Columbia House? The CD subscription service boasted 12 CDs for a penny. Yep, you better believe I was a member. Today I’m a Pandora subscriber, but I have a soft spot in my heart for vinyl records and love to listen to vinyl on special occasions. I have a music collection and love for music that is vast and I could go on talking about music for days, but I’ll share a few of my favorite albums here.

Collection of drinks glasses on light grey marble table

5. Gorgeous Drinkware.

As a self-proclaimed mixologist, a must for entertaining is gorgeous barware. I think the ideal collection has a mix of modern and vintage barware, a mix of colors, and a mix of textures. A great collection will coordinate but should have variety.

My pro tip is to buy drinkware that can be dual purpose. With so many types of glassware, I always tell clients to buy what they are going to use! Yes, appropriate glassware is crucial to enhance the drinking experience. However, you can serve some cocktails in a stemless glass and get away with a margarita, martini, and cosmos in a coupe glass. (I hope all serious bartenders out there will forgive me). I love these options for a mix of variety and color, and play on traditional silhouettes.



6. Fresh Flowers.

There is nothing like treating yourself to fresh flowers. If you are lucky enough to live near Trader Joe, I am envious! They have the best selection of uncommon flowers for great prices. Another fun way to enjoy fresh flowers is to check out Tampa’s own Posies Flower Truck! Fresh flowers out of the cutest little vintage VW truck. I mean, what could be any sweeter?

Regardless of where you get your flowers, you can’t go wrong with treating yourself or someone special to a bouquet. Here are some you can order online that are as beautiful as they are unique.


7. Pretty Frames.

As someone who owns more artwork than is socially acceptable, I am always mixing up my gallery walls and displays. A good frame is key to making sure your artwork and photos look the best they can.

I love to mix and match various styles such as metal, wood, ornate and plain to add to the interest. The right frame can completely elevate the piece of artwork. Check out these gorgeous frames I am loving right now.

Pro-tip, if you find a frame you love that doesn’t support the size artwork or photo you have, order a custom mat cut to the size you need. Pick one up locally at Michaels or online at Matboard and More.

A pile of two chocolate brown pillow cases and neatly folded duvet cover

8. Linen Bedsheets.

Bedsheets are very personal, and I’ve tried just about every kind out there. I am currently loving my linen bed sheets. Linen is a natural temperature regulator, the fabric is soft, airy, and light, and has a casual feel. It also has a naturally lived-in look that only gets better with time. Linen sheets get a softer texture after every wash.

Look for 100% European flax to get the best of the best. I love the colors and selection from Parachute. Take a peek at the dreamy different shades.

Matcha making kit in black box

9. Matcha Latte.

Hear me out, matcha lattes y’all. I was an avid coffee drinker, coffee snob, and aficionado. I would freshly grind my single-origin coffee every morning before using my French press to ensure a delicious cup of joe at home. I decided to quit coffee a few years ago, a choice for my health to get a better night’s sleep and have less anxiety. It was tough, but let me tell you, my matcha lattes are my new obsession.

Matcha is a form of green tea. It’s the finely ground power from green tea leaves. Like coffee, it has health benefits and antioxidants. The preparation involves whisking, and if you get really fancy like me and get yourself a milk frothier, you can enjoy a delicious frothy drink in place of your coffee.


So there you have it! My top 9 items I am currently crushing on. These are stylish and designer chic. I curate all items in my home with lots of consideration of it bringing joy and personality. No trends here! If you're looking to get some help with designing your home to be more of an authentic haven - I'm your girl.

Let's hop on a Discovery Call to chat. 30 minutes can be life-changing.

- xo Katie


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