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Week 8: Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected Slate Studios Interior Design One Room Challenge  Emotional Rollercoaster Projects

Week 8 of the One Room Challenge has been no cake walk! Embarking on a construction project is well, complicated. Every project has numerous pieces that need to fall into place. Trying to pinpoint a fixed completion date can feel elusive, as there are many variables. At Slate Studios, we frequently joke with our clients that attempting to pinpoint a finish date is like trying to nail Jello to a wall—nearly impossible.

If you haven't all ready, be sure to check out my previous blog posts and follow along with me on this 8 week challenge where I transform one room!


Unraveling the Interconnected Threads of Construction Progress

Undoubtedly, certain steps in the construction process are dependent on others. For instance, drywall and sheetrock installation can only start once plumbing and electrical rough-in inspections conclude successfully. Any hiccups uncovered by inspectors can trigger a cascade effect, potentially halting drywall installation until the issues are rectified and pass subsequent inspections.

Expect the Unexpected Slate Studios Interior Design One Room Challenge

Yet, the intricacies extend beyond the obvious. Projects are full of potential pitfalls —supply chain disruptions, material shortages, claims and deficiencies, damaged items requiring reordering, fabrication complications, missing components, and unforeseen challenges to name a few.

Expect the Unexpected Slate Studios Interior Design One Room Challenge

In the grand theater of construction, just when you think you've seen it all, life throws you another curveball. Picture this: a pivotal truck, carrying a crucial item that held the fate of the entire project in its cargo, decides it's the perfect moment to break down. I kid you not— THIS HAPPENED TO ONE OF MY PROJECTS! This is the kind of plot twist that even the most seasoned professionals can't predict. There is never a dull moment, and I love a good challenge.


Expect The Unexpected in the Design Odyssey

Challenges are a daily companion at Slate Studios, and the One Room Challenge for my Home office project is no exception. Coordinating vendor and product lead times with subcontractors and trade availability is, in my opinion, the most challenging aspect of any project.

No work can commence until the product arrives, and scheduling becomes an intricate dance that requires meticulous planning. Personal experience has taught me the delicate art of managing schedules when products don't arrive as anticipated.

Expect the Unexpected Slate Studios Interior Design One Room Challenge

Take, for instance, the ordering of cabinetry for my project. Field measurements and meticulous review of shop drawings preceded the order. A revision request introduced a waiting period, extending the process. Once finalized, the cabinets entered production with an estimated lead time of 3-4 weeks—fortunately, they arrived closer to the 3-week mark.

The arrival of the cabinets, however, did not signal immediate progress. Once the cabinets arrived, progress was contingent on the carpenter's availability and a strategic installation sequence. The carpenter's availability dictated the installation timeline, and the unique design of the cabinets means we have to install base cabinets first, followed by templating for countertops. Not only do we have to coordinate the carpenters availability, but also the countertop manufacturers availability for templating as well.

Expect the Unexpected Slate Studios Interior Design One Room Challenge

Templating, a critical step, involves field verification of dimensions, ensuring product fit, and adjusting for any imperfections in walls. The countertop fabrication and installation process for my project is anticipated to take up to two weeks.

The countertops were ready a few days early, woo hoo! But just as I got my hopes up, we encountered a delay—my carpenter was momentarily out of state. As any seasoned professional knows, patience is paramount, and adaptability is key.

The best part is knowing that the reward will be well worth the wait!


Coming Up Next: The Grand REAL Reveal - Week 9

The moral of this construction tale? Expect the unexpected from the initial plan and embrace the virtue of adaptability. The key lies in entrusting your project to seasoned professionals who navigate these unexpected delays with finesse. And when all else fails, a touch of humor and a bottle of wine can work wonders in turning construction hiccups into memorable anecdotes. Cheers to the unpredictable journey of construction!

Stay with us as we reach our adapted finish line of the One Room Challenge. Be sure to follow along with other participants here.

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