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  • Katherine Walker

Exploring High Point Furniture Market 2024: A Designer's Perspective

It’s Slate Studios favorite time of the year!! That’s right, Spring Market!

I am dying to share our recent trip to the High Point Furniture Market 2024! As professional interior designers, we're always educating ourselves and strengthening our bonds with our vendors. In this blog post, I am thrilled to share our highlights, key takeaways, and the trends that have us buzzing with creativity.


What is High Point Furniture Market?

For those unfamiliar, the High Point Furniture Market stands as the largest furniture market IN THE WORLD! It’s located in High Point, North Carolina and pretty much takes over an entire city. Market is held in both spring and fall.

As dedicated professionals, we make it a point to attend at least once a year to stay abreast of industry trends, innovations, and connections. And yes, we've got our step counters on because navigating through this sprawling showcase easily racks up 10,000 steps a day!

 High Point Furniture Market Slate Studios Interior Design


Keynote Speaker: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

One of the highlights of our trip was by far meeting the award winning LA based designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. His illustrious career, peppered with collaborations with A-list celebrities, left us inspired and motivated. His clients range from Elton John, Ru Paul, Cher, the Kardashians, to Tommy Hilfiger and the list goes on.

One of the things Slate Studios resonated with the most is that Bullard doesn’t have a look, he is renowned for a broad range of styles because like us, he focuses on the unique style of his client for each and every project. We learned how he mixes high and low styles for clients, and sources one-of-a-kind pieces for others.

Getting his new book signed was just the cherry on top!


Hot Items We Saw

As expected, the market was bursting with exciting trends and innovations. From chat height tables to an eclectic mix of furniture materials like pyrite, selenium, and Murano glass. We saw an emphasis on vibrancy and maximalism compared to previous markets. We were particularly drawn to functional pieces that exuded elegance and functionality, perfect for elevating any space.


Connections Made

Networking is an integral part of visiting market, and this year was no exception. Reconnecting with our favorite manufacturer reps and forging new relationships fuels our passion for the industry. We shared ideas over dinner with peers, connected with familiar faces, and talked business with one of my favorite Interior Design Business coaches.


What We Learned

Our time at the market isn't just about browsing—it’s about learning, too. We put in the work and my team and I together did HUNDREDS of sit tests at each and every manufacturer. This helps us understand the nuances of different cushion types, from firm to down-filled, to tight cushions, and spring vs foam core.

We take pride in knowing the manufacturing processes of our preferred vendors. Knowing the craftsmanship behind each piece, including the meticulous hand-knotting techniques used in rug making helps us appreciate the pieces that much more.


What We're Excited to Specify

As designers, we're always on the lookout for standout pieces to incorporate into our projects. Some of our favorites were playful patterned and colored lampshades, versatile indoor/outdoor fabrics tailored for Florida's sunshine, and incredible decorative mirrors.

Market also has incredible resources for vendors who scour the world for antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces. We know something amazing is waiting to find a new home in our clients' spaces.


Wrapping Up

Our journey through the High Point Furniture Market 2024 was nothing short of exhilarating. From rubbing elbows with industry titans to discovering the latest design trends, every moment was a chance to recharge our creative batteries. Although we left with sore feet, as we return to our studio, we're armed with newfound inspiration and a renewed zeal to continue creating spaces that reflect our clients' unique personalities and lifestyles!

Stay tuned for more design adventures.


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- xo Katie


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