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Week 6: Shedding Light on Decorative Light Fixtures

slate studios interior design lighting fixture light fixture

Week 6 of the One Room Challenge is here and I am thrilled to share a significant milestone in our project – the installation of a stunning light fixture from Alora Lighting. It's no secret that light fixtures are like the jewelry of a room, and without the perfect light fixture designs can fall flat.

Of all the lighting out there, we choose a gorgeous fixture from Alora Mood. Why? Well because of what sets them apart. Let's delve into the details.

If you haven't all ready, be sure to check out my previous blog posts and follow along with me on this 8 week challenge where I transform one room!


Kuzco Lighting: Dependable for Decades

My journey with Kuzco began over a decade ago. Early in my design career, I found myself specifying their fixtures frequently, particularly in the hospitality industry.

What drew me to Kuzco was their style. They were ahead of many other suppliers in terms of trends, forward thinking modern fixtures, with timeless appeal. Kuzco was one of the first vendors that carried many options with integrated LED feature and I love the ability to create custom fixtures with varying Kelvin temperatures – 3000, 4000, and 5000.

Kelvins are an extremely important and often overlooked aspect of lighting design. Kelvins refer to the color temperature of the lighting, and using more yellow/incandescent compared to white/daylight colored light plays a pivotal role in setting the mood, atmosphere, and functionality of a space. The ability to choose from a range of Kelvin temperatures, gave me the flexibility to tailor the lighting to suit the specific needs of each project. Whether I wanted to create a cozy, warm ambiance in a restaurant or a bright, energizing environment in a retail space, Kuzco's diverse Kelvin options allowed me to achieve precisely the desired lighting effect. This level of control and customization ultimately elevated my designs and made Kuzco a go-to choice for all my lighting projects.

In 2019, Alora, a sister company to Kuzco, came into existence, introducing a more luxurious line of lighting fixtures. I was immediately drawn to the exquisite designs and the promise of even more upscale, premium lighting options.

slate studios interior design lighting fixture light fixture

Source: Alora Lighting. Instagram: @aloralighting.


Office Light Fixtures: A Mash up of Style

If you've been following along, you know I love to play with Juxtaposition in design. I love to mix modern and timeless elements, and when I saw the Plisse gold finish light fixture , it was love at first site.

As with all my selections, it must be practical and pretty. The Plisse light exemplifies the qualities I hold dear in lighting design. First and foremost, it offers the convenience of being able to change light bulbs, giving me more flexibility over time. It's a modern reinterpretation of a vintage fixture, featuring opal glass shades instead of the traditional fabric. The scale of the fixture is perfect for the space, offering both functionality and elegance.

The chic design of this light fixture seamlessly blends with the other gold textures in my office, creating a harmonious aesthetic that exudes sophistication and style.


slate studios interior design lighting fixture light fixture

We are almost ready to install this Alora Lighting fixture, and are one step closer to the final reveal of our One Room Challenge project. The transformative power of lighting cannot be understated, and this fixture is set to be a radiant centerpiece in the room.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal as we complete this journey and showcase the breathtaking results of the One Room Challenge. Be sure to follow along with other participants here.

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