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  • Katherine Walker

Week 4: The Art of Patience

the art of patience one room challenge slate studios interior design

Welcome to Week 4 of the One Room Challenge, where patience becomes an art form. We're officially at the halfway mark, and the anticipation is building.

If you haven't all ready, be sure to check out my previous blog posts and follow along with me on the 8 week challange where I transform one room.


Custom Cabinetry: Worth the Wait

For the most part, everything was readily available with the exception of a few backordered items and custom cabinetry.

I firmly believe in not settling for less just because something is readily available. Waiting for the perfect piece is worth it, as it will bring joy for years to come.

I decided to use semi-custom cabinetry in oak. I wanted a rich black finish to contrast with the other furniture pieces in the room and instead of black paint, stained oak cabinets will add a beautiful natural texture to the room.

the art of patience one room challenge slate studios interior design

As a professional interior designer, my office is filled with a multitude of items, far beyond the typical equipment and supplies like printers, paper, and envelopes. I also store an array of samples, from wallpaper and fabrics to flooring, along with design books, magazines for inspiration, project sample trays, tile, grout, and more. The list seems endless.

Now, if you've been following along, you know that I downsized my office for this new space, which is about half the size of my previous one. This downsizing has pushed me to get creative with storage solutions to ensure that this built-in can house all the essentials within arm's reach.


Endless Design Possibilities: Elevating Cabinetry

I've made a conscious choice to elevate the cabinetry on the upper cabinets. Instead of plain fronts, I've designed the fronts to have mesh grille inserts. This design choice not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures that the built-in becomes the main focal point of the room.

There are so many beautiful mesh grille options to choose from, from one of my favorite suppliers, Designs of Distinction. Just look at all the styles they offer below.

I choose the fluted style in satin brass because that had the perfect scale for my office built in.

the art of patience one room challenge slate studios interior design


Art of Patience: It's all in the Details

One crucial detail often underestimated in achieving a high-end cabinetry feel is the choice of hardware. Plain hardware can easily give off a lackluster, builder-grade vibe. In this project, I opted for polished brass and crystal handles to infuse a dash of glamour and playfulness.


This cabinetry is going to be my two favorite things—practical and pretty! I'm brimming with excitement as we await the arrival of the items that will bring this space together.

Stay tuned for the next update, where we'll dive into the installation progress, and explore the work of other talented participants in the Fall One Room Challenge here!

If you're looking to get some help with designing your home to be more of an authentic haven - I'm your girl.

Let's hop on a Discovery Call to chat. 30 minutes can be life-changing.

- xo Katie


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